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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept donations?

Oh, gosh yes! Year 'round! You can make Online Donations securely or mail them to Peace Train Foundation, Inc, P.O. Box 245, Poquonock, CT  06064-0245.  Your employer may match donations, so don't forget to check that out! 

How do I get to the contest?  Where can I park?

Visit the Driving Directions page on this website for directions and a map to Manchester's Center Park.

What should I bring?

Blankets, HATS, sunglasses, sunscreen, kids, grandparents, and mom & dad. Also, please bring a garbage bag to take your trash home. We will not be providing municipal trash pickup. 

What should I NOT bring?

Glass bottles and/or containers, valuables such as pocketbooks...anything you do not wish to lose.

Can I bring beer or alcohol beverages to the festival?

Due to Connecticut state law, you are NOT allowed to bring alcoholic beverages or consume alcholic beverages in Center Park.  Also, if you bring non-alcholic beverages, please bring cans or plastic, NO GLASS!

Can I bring a pet?

No, pets are not allowed.

Is this event handicapped accessible? Will handicapped scooters be allowed? What about handicapped parking?

Yes, handicapped scooters are allowed.  The park is surrounded by paved sidewalks and there are a few paved walkways through the park grounds. Center Park does not have it's own dedicated Handicapped Parking.

Connecticut Office of Tourism

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