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What a great time! Can't wait till next year! Hats off to the fiddlers and to the organizers!

Canton, Ct
Thu Dec 19 2002

The music sounds really happy!

Manchester, CT
Tue Dec 10 2002

Thanks so much for the photographs! I didn't get a chance to see every performance and every time I come back here, I see something new!

Dave Ramos
Providence, RI
Mon Dec 9 2002

Hopefully, the new layout works for everyone. If not, send an email if you're having trouble and I'll get right on it!

Tue Dec 3 2002

This is a terrific site! A high-five and carefully orchestrated cartwheel to the developer of it! Can't wait to attend the next gatherin' of fiddlers!!

Joanne Grow
Rockaway, NJ
Tue Dec 3 2002

Hey! Nice site!

Las Vegas, Nevada US
Wed Nov 27 2002

I thought the fiddle fest was awesome and very well run. I got 2nd in the junior junior division and I am definitely going back next year!

Maeve Flanagan
Pearl River, NY
Sat Nov 9 2002

It was wonderful event, there is so much great talent around that make the fiddling sound so great. I love it, I also loved the band that played in between the different groups. Irish fiddle tunes headed up by Julee Glaub. Keep up the great work!'

Glastonbury, CT
Sat Oct 26 2002

Hi to you and your guests. What a great job you've done here. I thought you'd like a little verbal communication on this point. Great job!!!

Cynthia Lasik
Portland, OR US
Tue Oct 15 2002

I'm sorry I missed this year's Fiddle Contest -- looks like a great event! My band (Band of Humans) has a fiddler and we love traditional folk rock and fiddle. Keep up the good work!

Darin Keech
Waterford, CT USA
Sat Oct 12 2002

Hi there.  Just wanted to say I like what you did with your site. You did a great job.

Teresa James
Las Vegas, NV US
Thu Oct 10 2002

We all had a blast-particularly Robby because he actually got to be in his first fiddle competition. The Kids loved the pizza & the boat, my wifey loved the wine and the tunes, I loved it all! (Hotel was great too!) Thanks to each and everyone who made this a special day for this family. Hope you do it again in 2003 because Fiddlers and Hartford make wonderful music together!

Robert Henry
Glenwood, NJ USA
Thu Oct 10 2002

President of NAFJA (North American Fiddle Judges Association). Judged the 2002 contest and played the tune "Freirish" from my first CD. Sold a ton of CD's and had a blast!

Scott Campbell
Berlin, VT USA
Thu Sep 26 2002

We had a wonderful time at the festival and can't wait for next year!! The festival was run very well and everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make it all come together

The Flanagan Family
Pearl River, NY USA
Thu Sep 26 2002

Hello! Amy Catering San Diego California. Thank you for letting me sign your guestbook and thank you for your website. Glad you are here.

San Diego, CA US
Sat Sep 14 2002

Sorry to miss it this year, we were taking my daughter to start college that day. Great to see it back. Thanks to Riverfront Recapture for stepping in. Is it possible to move the date back to Memorial Day? It was always a nice way to start summer. Back in the day, I came to clog, now I come to fiddle. A nice addition might be space with a floor for dancing, maybe get someone to give lessons.

Jim Condren
Hartford, CT US
Fri Sep 13 2002

Hi Everybody. Wish I did your graphics. Great work!

Cleveland, Ohio US
Wed Sep 11 2002

You did it again, Paul! Many thanks.

Bud Savoie
Warren, RI USA
Mon Sep 9 2002

I'm so glad the the fiddle contest returned to Hartford. Attending this contest in the late 70's in Bushnell Park, was our springtime ritual. Welcome Back!

Ruth Sessions
Springfield, MA USA
Mon Sep 9 2002

Very nice site.

Freelance Writer
Mission Hills, CA US
Thu Sep 5 2002

Thanks again for letting me come back as a volunteer this year and a devoted listener. It was too much good music to absorb in just one day....Great location this year, and in speaking with many other visitors, it was well appreciated by all. Riverfront should be a good place to be especially with the many venue areas...Thanks.

Rocky Hill, CT USA
Wed Sep 4 2002

You can imagine my delight when I flew to Hartford to attend a wedding in NH and learned that this year's fest, which I always seem to just miss was going to be on the 1st! Unfortunately, I had to get back to Bradley by 12:30 for my flight back to FL and missed it again. I went down to the Riverfront on Saturday and could envision the excitement that would soon be happening! Please, please plan another and I will be sure to catch the next one! Thanks, Paul.

Priscilla Waller
Deerfield Beach, FL USA
Tue Sep 3 2002

Mary the MC, bib overalls, foam coolers, lemonade, colorful tarps, jamming, Steve on "bones", straw hats, sundresses, the red caboose, the heat of the sun, a cool drink, handsome homemade trophies, fiddle t-shirts, cloggers, regular folk with fiddle music flowing thru their veins. Happy! Submitted to the Hartford Courant's Fiddle Contest Memories page!

Mon Sep 2 2002

After living in New England for 30yrs my wife and I finally made it to the Fest. We'll be back next year. What a thoroughly enjoyable day! New Englanders still have trouble letting their hair down. I would have liked to have heard more clapping and foot stomping and seen more spontaneous dancing. Perhaps the weather dampened some spirits but certainly not the contestants. The venue was cozy and acquainted visitors to Hartford's Riverfront. Hopefully the Fest's popularity will grow once again and a site with a little more seating will become necessary. One step at a time. Keep up the good work.

Ken Moore
Clinton, CT USA
Mon Sep 2 2002

This was my first year at your contest, and I had a great time. I was also shocked to win 3rd in intermediate! The only suggestion I would have is considering a different venue-not enough room for the audience. Hope to see you next year.

Adam Boyce
Williamstown, VT USA
Mon Sep 2 2002

The Riverfront Recapture organization and Paul LeMay deserve a huge round of (financial) applause from the Hartford community for the imaginative staging of this year's contest. I shuttled almost continuously between the main stage and the downhill jam sessions and workshops. This is a MUST RE-DO event for Hartford !

Ed Savage
West Hartford, CT
Mon Sep 2 2002

I started going to the Fiddle contests at the Granville Fire dept. in 74. Benn going since and to Bluegrass fests. See you Sunday. John

Ellington, CT
Sun Sep 1 2002

The Contest introduced to me and my friends a world of tradional music in an outdoor, festival setting still rivaling the many shows I have seen since. One could get lost in Bushnell Park, but the music would always carry you back. Good times, and all the groovy people! Submitted to the Hartford Courant Fiddle Contest Memories page!

Sat Aug 31 2002

I remember as a teenager looking for the American Flag hanging from a big Oak tree in the park. That was where all are friends would gather. In the early years it was like Hartford's own Woodstock. Submitted by: Steve to the Hartford Courant Fiddle Contest Memories page!

Thu Aug 29 2002

Hope to see you all at the benefit for Peace Train's New England Fiddle Contest this Wednesday, Aug. 28th at Sully's Pub @ Lena's, 2053 Park St., Hartford, CT, (860) 231-8881.
It's going to be a great nite of music with members of Max Creek & PSB with Special Suprise Guests! Don't miss it!

Pete Scheips
Sun Aug 25 2002

The six of us our looking forward to our first trip to the fest! Yahooooo!

Henry Family
Vernon, NJ USA
Tue Aug 20 2002

Memories of the old days... We made it part of our Memorial Day holiday every year -- until we got married that weekend in 1977 AND COULD NOT FIND A FIDDLER TO PLAY FOR OUR WEDDING! We wanted to ask Bill Walach, who would have done it for my late mother-in-law, Helen Loy, I have no doubt, but he was busy in Bushnell Park for some reason... All the best in 2002 -- I have a photo exhibit opening in NYC on that date, or I wouldn't miss it. Better health to you, Paul LeMay. Leanna Loomer (still married to Joe Loy after 25 years, too!)

leanna loomer
Newington, CT USA
Mon Aug 19 2002

thank heaven for fiddle fest!! i will be there this year with my chums and my eight kids. we are looking forward to this!

New Britain, CT USA
Sat Aug 17 2002

WOO-HOO!! The fiddle fest is back. I am unable to make this year's, but would like to personally thank Paul for dedicating the fest to my late brother, Bill Domler. He's probably loving it!

Sat Jul 27 2002

Site is outasight! Can't wait until Sept.01.

Jeffrey Menzel
Hebron, CT USA
Thu Jul 11 2002

Saw the last two Fiddle contests and everyone was great, had more fun and entertainment than any one deserves. I would like especially to thank Sarah Michel for her music, it was like the greatest I have heard.

Columbia, CT USA
Mon Jul 1 2002

Great Site! More people should see it!!!

Sun Jun 23 13:20:08 2002

I attended the fest 3 years ago. The fiddlers were superb! It's great to see the kids participating, and the crowds were great. Good luck, and keep up the good work!!

Gary Given
West Haven, Ct U.S.A.
Wed May 15 2002

I Really would love to see it this year since i missed it the year before and last year u did not have it, I Really Injoyed the get together and the music Please come back tot he Hartford area, Thanks A Fiddle Listener.

Windsor Locks, CT USA
Sun Apr 21 2002

1970's Peace Train...Morris Dancing...1st Fiddle Contest...Must have been another life. Fond memories of Paul, Pam, Michael, Ed, Will, Bill, John, LFD,CW&W, Barbara, Yo, Sound Guys... Congrats on reviving the Contest. If the airfare wasn't so bloody high I'd be there in an instant... Peter G An early fiddler and PT Conductor...

Peter G
Melbourne, Australia!
Sat Mar 16 2002

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