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2010 All Scores

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(ages 12 and younger)

Hunter Engstrom

Playoff: 193

Logan Mitchell 183
Playoff: 179
Eric Barrett 180
Taylor Lewis 177
Harrison Adams 175
Anya Sheldon 174
Danielle Hudon 162
Daniel Monyak 162
Rachel Beauregard152
Grace Farris148
Tierney Boyle147
Gavin Engstrom142
Alivia McCaffrey141
Aislin Farris129
Kayla Lewis129
Haylan Engstrom127
Sophia McCaffrey126

Note: Junior Junior contestants played only one tune

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(ages 60 and older)

Rosemary Edgar591
Nelson Brissette569
Char Hoppe547
Gerry Lagace542
Harold Sands536
Grace Ferrante518
Joan Sinder495
Malita Brown478
Noreen Cicchetto-Zahnley447
Rejean Pauquet314

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*All Division scores out of a possible 400 points (200 per judge). Certified members of ‘North American Fiddling Judges, Inc.' were judges Donna Commo and Chris Keenan.

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